NCE DCC 0045 PB5 5A Booster for PowerPro

Product Code: NCE-0045

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Boosters provide additional power to districts on your layout where the base command station alone cannot adequately operate multiple trains. Most layouts will require one or more command station based on size and power demand needs. The PB5 booster comes with a 5-Amp power supply. No need to buy an additional power supply. Works with all NCE PH-Pro systems including both tethered or radio systems. Works with Auto Reversers and Circuit Breakers. The PB5 adapts as a booster for Digitrax, Lenz, CVP and other DCC systems as well (described in the user guide).


  • 5-Amp Power Pro Power Booster with Status Light
  • One 7 foot control 4-wire bus cable with RJ-H modular telephone plugs on each end
  • One track connector
  • DC Power Supply with additional 25%, 30sec surge capability.
  • Output options: 13.8v @ 5 Amps; 12v @ 5.83 Amps