I Love Kit 64801 1/48 US Navy Elco 80ft MTB Late Type

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Barcode: 9580208648019
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US Navy Elco 80’ Motor Torpedo Boat, Late Type is a continuation of Elco’s PT-103 design with improved firepower. Length remained at 80ft (24.2M) , beam 20ft 8in. (7M), and displacement of 56 tons. Her 3 sets of 1,350 horse power Packard 4M-2500 V12 gasoline engines enable top speed of 43 knots. The up gun late type was a direct respond to increased activities of Japanese armed landing craft and transport in the Pacific islands. Early torpedo launch tubes were replaced by lighter roll off type Mk 13 Torpedoes. Additional firepower consists array of 20mm Mk4, 37mm T9 automatic cannon, 40mm Bofers, Mk50 5in. 8 tubes rocket launcher and whatever the crew can get their hands on.


  • Scale: 1:48
  • Item Type: Plastic Model Warship Kit
  • Model Brief: Length: 508.3mm Beam:145.8 mm
  • Total Parts: 450+
  • Photo Etched Parts: 1 piece
  • Film Parts: 1 piece
  • Total Sprues 14 sprues , hull and deck