Loopy Looper Jump

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Ready for a challenge? Take a leap with Jump! This Loopy Looper requires skillful spinning to get the marble jumping through the gap. Once you find your rhythm, up the ante and go as fast as you can! (Bragging rights included)

Special Features

The Loopy Looper is an ideal gift: there’s no need for batteries or electronics, just gravity, centrifugal force and spinning skill. Give it a spin!

Why do we like to spin?

The natural world is full of things that move in a loop. The Earth moves round the sun and the moon moves round the Earth, our galaxy is moving in a loop and we are constantly spinning with the Earth! It’s no wonder humans have long enjoyed moving in their own loops and it has even proven to be beneficial. Spinning on merry-go-rounds can help children with attention, brain development and learning! Spinning can be useful as well as fun. When we spin objects in our hands and fidget while working we can feel more focused. Spinning things in our hands as we work can increase our memory, help with productivity and help us to relax. Spinning seems to be a natural function - it’s no wonder spinning toys are so popular! From spinning tops that date from 3500 BCE found in the Middle East, to Greek yoyos in 500 BCE, to the fidget spinners of today, we can see that spinning toys are part of a natural desire to spin and are here to stay!


Goals give us a sense of purpose and goal-setting helps with focus and keeps us on track. Recent research has shown that when we write down goals we are more likely to achieve them and that the more specific the goal you set is, the more likely you are to succeed! When you tick off an item on your to-do list, score a goal in soccer, or shoot a perfect hoop in basketball, you feel a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence that gives you a burst of dopamine and motivates you to score more goals! This is why bullet journals, daily to-do lists and action plans are such a hit today - they keep us super focused and ensure we will reach our goals!