Hobby Boss 84547 1/35 IDF PUMA CEV

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The Puma is a heavily armored Combat engineering vehicle and armored personnel carrier that the Engineering Corps of the Israeli Defence Forces has used since the early 1990s. The vehicle can carry a crew of up to eight. The 50-ton vehicle's speed is 45 kilometers an hour.

The Puma uses the hull of the Sho't, which is itself a modified British Centurion tank. Some Pumas are equipped with the Carpet mine-clearing system. This consists of 20 rockets that the crew can fire singly or all together. The rockets contain a fuel-air explosive warhead which spreads a cloud of fuel fumes that are then detonated. The overpressure from the explosion destroys most mines. The Puma then advances behind a set of rollers that trigger any mines the fuel-air explosion did not destroy. There is also electronic equipment for detonating roadside bombs or jamming detonation signals.

The Puma is capable of towing a mobile bridge for deploying over trenches and enemy land obstacles during battle. Unlike the M60 AVLB launching the bridge, the Puma pulls the bridge during combat and pushes the bridge over the obstacle, allowing tanks and infantry personnel carriers to maneuver quickly in the battlefield.


  • Kit consists of over 890 parts

  • Two-directional slide moulded lower hull

  • Individual tracks links

  • Photo-etched parts included


  • Model Dimension: Length: 229.4mm Width: 111.1mm

  • Total Plastic Parts: 890+

  • Total Sprue: 22 sprues , upper hull and lower hull

  • Photo Etched Parts: 1 piece