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Heller 52913 1/8 Honda CB750 Four Motorbike

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Four-cylinder, four-stroke, 4 carburettors, 4 separate exhaust pipes: presented at the Tokyo Motor Show in November 1968, and then in France in March 1969, the HONDA CB 750 Four, the first four-cylinder touring motorcycle, arrived on the market like a bombshell. The K2 model proposed by HELLER was distributed in France as of January 1972. Easy to start, powerful, excellent braking ability, able to travel at nearly 200 km/hr, no vibration or oil leaks, fitted with high quality equipment (meters, turn signals, signal levers, usable rear-view mirrors, etc.), and an impeccable finish, the CB 750 Four revealed itself to be a major road racer that could handle quite long distances running at cruising speeds near the top speed.

With mechanical systems that were practically unbreakable, whose reliability already shone through during the design stage, the model was able to satisfy the most demanding of users. Cyclists who drove long distances rapidly reached 100,000 km without any problem, with basic maintenance and in spite of high engine speeds for the era (red line at 8,500 RPM).The qualities of the HONDA CB 750 Four placed it so high above other models that it became a mythic bike.


  • Architecture : Transverse four-cylinder, four-stroke, vertically tilted 15°. Air-cooled. Bore: 61mm. Stroke: 63mm. Displacement per cylinder: 184, 115 cm3. Total displacement: 736.463 cm3.
  • Cylinder heads : Lightweight alloy single cylinder sand casted block. Compression rate: 9:1
  • Cylinders : Lightweight alloy single cylinder die cast block with steel liners put on using a press.
  • Pistons : Lightweight silicon alloy. Rounded bottom.
  • Distribution : Simple overhead camshaft rotating in four lightweight alloy bearings.
  • Chain guards : Lightweight die cast alloy. Horizontal mounting surface.
  • Connecting rod assembly : Single block forged steel crankshaft. Five bearings on thin bearing bushes. Forged steel rods with removable cap.
  • Lubrication : Dry-sump oiling system. Cartridge filter in series on the front part of the lower oil sump. Oil reservoir capacity: 3.5 l
  • Supply : Four Keihin carburettors controlled by 31 mm diameter spreaders. Fuel tank capacity: 17 litres.
  • Ignition : 12 V, 14 A battery. Electric starter Battery and coil ignition
  • Performance characteristics : 65 HP at 8000 RPM Weight-to-power ratio: 3.36 kg/HP.
  • Top speed : 196 km/hr in prone position 183 km/hr in sitting position
  • Acceleration : 13" to 400 m from start to finish 25" 8 to 1000 m from start to finish
  • Fuel consumption : 7.5 l for every 100 km travelled (normal driving)
  • Primary transmission : Central via two simple chains in the primary gearbox. 1,708 ratio. Intermediate transmission : Via straight pinions. 1,166 ratio.
  • Secondary transmission : Left side, via simple chain under the half chain-guard. 2,667 ratio.
  • Clutch : Multi-disc oil bath system.
  • Gearbox : Five gear ratios
  • Frame : Tubular steel duplex cradle. Steering pivot on ball bearings.
  • Suspension : Front: Telescopic fork. Hydraulic shock absorber. Rear: Oscillating fork. Three-position hydraulic shock absorbers.
  • Brakes : Front: Stainless steel disk. Oscillating, two-part calliper. Hydraulic control via single piston. Rear: Drum, simple 180 x 38 mm cam.
  • Wheels and tyres : Chromed steel wheel rims Tyre Front: 3,25 S 19 Rear: 4 S 18
  • Wheelbase : Length: 2160 mm Max. width: 885 mm Height: 1410 mm Weight: 225 kg