Hasegawa 00533 1/72 F-14A Tomcat High Visibility

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The F-14A Tomcat is a U.S. Navy carrier jet fighter. The F-14A uses an AWG-9 (referred to as Orgnine) fire control system to pursue up to 24 targets (enemy) and can simultaneously attack six of them with Phoenix missiles.

The F-14A also features a unique adjustable wing. This wing is always set at the optimal variable angle by computer. For example, when it slows down, it spreads its wings to gain more buoyancy. Conversely, when flying at high speeds, the wings are folded so that they do not create resistance. Also, when on an aircraft carrier, it folds its wings to avoid getting in the way.

*Fire control system: A device that detects enemies using a radar attached to the nose of the aircraft, chases them using radio waves, and fires missiles (missile firing is controlled by the pilot).