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Gopher Models N Vic Rail B Class Locomotive

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Barcode: 195481

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Victorian Railways (VR) B Class built by Clyde Engineering.

Ready To Run S class locomotive, fitted with MicroTrains couplers and includes decals for the entire class. A sweet running locomotive for the period 1957- until today!

There were 18 in the class S300-S317 and they were delivered between 1957 and 1961.

Each locomotive in the class was named.

  • Power Unit: EMD 16-567BC, V16, 950RPM Max
  • Generator: EMD D12
  • Traction Motors: 6 x EMD D27
  • Power output for traction: 1500hp
  • Continuous tractive effort: 40,240lb
  • Max speed: 83mph (133kph)
  • Weight: 114t 0cwt
  • There were 26 in class B60 to B85 and was delivered between 14 Jul 1952 and 22 Feb 1954.


  • 1x locomotive.