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Fujimi FUJ91033 1/150 Tokyo Monorail Type 2000 Six Car Formation 6-Car Set ST-15 EX-1

Product Code: FUJ91033

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Introducing the STR15EX-1 Tokyo Monorail 2000 Type 6 series!

The main part is a press-fit type that does not require adhesive. Painting is required with an unpainted kit.

Compared to the previous 1000 type products, the number of parts has been reduced to make it easier to assemble while maintaining the external reproducibility of the dolly and seats.


  • The car body is a box-shaped part that is integrated with a slide mold.

  • The molding color is gray, and the side window frame is represented by a convex mold on the transparent window parts side.

  • The light lens cover is a separate part of clear molding.

  • The dolly is divided into two parts, left and right, while maintaining the shape of the mounted motor and tires.

  • The dolly is for the front / middle, and the T / M dolly is made separately. The front car has an ATC / TD antenna, and the one near the wife side has no antenna to reproduce the difference.

  • The complicated parts division of the dolly has been eliminated, and the unnecessary space has been linked to the accurate reproduction of the floor surface and seats inside the car.


  • Decals for changing the paint and reproducing the current logo mark organization are included exclusively for the unpainted kit.

  • Old and new symbol marks are recorded on the decal, and both the current and pre-2018 appearances can be produced.

  • These are mainly on colored doors and roof belts. It is a specification that can be reproduced by selecting either painting or decal.

  • Detailed notations are included in the stickers.

  • The train type indicator and the cab window sunshade are designed to be realistically expressed by attaching the stickers from the inside.

  • The weak air-conditioned car notation is put on the sticker, the weak air-conditioned car notation includes 2 cars, and the previous 1 formation 2-car system can be reproduced.

  • The front light is a specification that puts a sticker on the inside of the lens cover for the headlight / taillight part so that it can be easily reproduced.

  • The type display can be selected from three types: "normal", "section rapid", and "airport rapid".


  • The product does not include tracks and piers, so please purchase them separately.

  • The body shape is partly shared with the 10000 type, and the weld beads on the roof and the surface engraving of the skirt are partially different.

  • Please note that some vehicles may have different antennas and seating arrangements.