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Dualsky ESC 60A V2 2-6S Lipo for Airplane

Product Code: DSXC6018BA
Barcode: 6941047102071

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The XC6018BA from Dualsky is designed for RC planes and helicopters. This is the second version of Dualsky's Xcontroller and there are many new features with its software and hardware. This Xcontroller supports all motor types up to 210,000rpm (2 Poles motors). The resistance is low and the ESC comes with factory MosFETs for high current usage. This ESC is compatible with Dualsky's Governor Mode (DGM) and has an adjustable cut-off for either motor stop or power reduction. Additionally, the XController features Dualsky's Linear Brake Mode (DLBM). When activated, you can easily adjust the brake strength, but this function can be turned off. Dualsky have ensured that this ESC protects RC models. For example, the Xcontroller has settings for low voltage cut-off, overheating protection and automatic cut-off in the event of signal loss. The ESC's start-up modes can also be customised, whereby pilots can select from normal, soft or super-soft modes for both fixed wing and helicopter setups. Regardless of the range, this ESC will provide smooth and accurate throttle control. The XController also provides digital sampling for the throttle signal. This is compatible with the signal frequency of 14ms in normal mode and 7ms in high speed (HS) mode. The throttle range can also be recalibrated to suit all brands of transmitters. This ESC is fully programmable on a PC when connected with the Dualsky USB link. It is also compatible with Dualsky's programming card, so reprogramming can occur at the field. This Dualsky ESC also offers UBEC switching power supply, meaning it can support up to 6S Lipo batteries (3A) or 4 to 5 standard digital servos.


  • Latest-version software and hardware comes with new features
  • Compatible with all motor types up to 210,000rpm (2 poles motors)
  • Very low resistance
  • Quality MosFETs for high current usage
  • Dualsky Governor Mode (DGM) compatible
  • Cut-off for either motor stop or power reduction can be modified
  • Adjust brake strength with Dualsky’s Linear Brake Mode
  • Cut-off setting for instances of low voltage
  • Protection from overheating
  • Signal loss results in automatic cut-off
  • Numerous start-up modes available for fixed wing and helicopter setups
  • Smooth and reliable throttle control throughout the range

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