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Bandai 5063057 PG 1/60 Gundam Exia Gundam 00

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Barcode: 4573102630575

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Bandai 0222249 PG 1/60 Gundam Exia

PERFECT GRADE 20th year "EVOLUTION" The Ultimate form to be reached by the latest technology "PG 1/60 Gundam Exia"!

Focusing on the solar furnace "GN Drive" which is the greatest feature under the supervision of Mechanical Designer Ebi Okawa Kanetake. A thorough explanation of the mechanism by which "GN particle" transmits from the driving force "GN Drive" to the whole body. It embodies the design arrangement and the internal frame structure led from it.

Energy Transmission Feeling Armor:

Frame Structure Considering the transmission structure of "GN particle", the internal frame where the cable is exposed from various parts of the aircraft. Expansion of external armor More emphasize its presence by gimmick.

Detailed detail and gimmick guided by thorough consideration:

  • Improved mechanical impression with frames and mechanical details removed from the gap.
  • Hatch open gimmick which allows the whole body exterior to move, so that it can also enjoy internal details.
  • "GN Drive" reproduced in texture by laminated structure and special seal Due to its wide range of movement and attached dedicated pedestal, aerial action full of dynamism is possible.
  • Fully accessible items such as abundant wrist parts and abundant armed weapons loaded with gimmicks. The regular version adopts a metallic seal and expresses the light emitting part by reflection of light.


  • GN sword x 1
  • GN shield x 1
  • GN long braid x 1
  • GN short blade
  • GN beam sabel × 2
  • GN beam dagger × 2
  • Dedicated display base × 1