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Bandai 0185183 MG 1/100 Build Strike Full Package Gundam Build Fighters

Product Code: G0185183

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The GAT-X105B/FP Build Strike Gundam Full Package is a mobile suit from the anime series Gundam Build Fighters. The Gunpla is built by Sei Iori and primary controlled by Reiji.

The GAT-X105B/FP Build Strike Gundam Full Package is a Gunpla built by Sei Iori, and is a combination of the basic GAT-X105B Build Strike Gundam with the Build Booster and new weapons. As indicated by the name, it can be considered as the Build Strike with its complete weapons and equipment. The Build Booster is a support craft that when attached to the Build Strike adds a pair of beam cannons to the suit's standard armaments of four head-mounted vulcan guns and two beam sabers, and also improves its output. The Full Package also gives the Build Strike a Chobham Shield and a handheld beam gun that can transform into a beam rifle, and later into the enhanced beam rifle.

This highly detailed and articulated snap-fit kit is molded in multiple colors, with stickers for decoration. Comes with a display stand