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Bandai 0139597 MG 1/100 Zeta Gundam V2

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Big beautiful version 2.0 Master Grade Zeta Gundam comes with super new joints at the waist and in the arms and legs, allowing even more freedom of movement and incredible posing than ever before! It's fully-transformable when completed, too.

In terms of weaponry, the Zeta is very well armed with an arsenal favoring beam weapons. It includes standard Gundam type armament including head mounted Vulcan guns, dual beam sabers, and a high powered beam rifle. It also sported arm mounted grenade launchers which could be given additional ammunition from detachable storage packs, and could also house a grappling tool for various purposes. The Zeta's most prolific weapon however is without a doubt the Hyper Mega Launcher, a massive rifle used to great extent in the latter parts of the Gryps Conflict and during the First Neo Zeon War. This weapon fires very high powered beam shots capable of destroying even battleships with a well placed shot. Both the launcher and beam rifle could also double as a cunning melee weapon as the launcher and beam rifle had a built in beam saber bayonet-style modes called the long beam saber. The beam rifle and Hyper Mega Launcher could be used while in Waverider configuration as well, and the hip mounted Beam Sabers doubled as beam guns in this mode.

• Foil Stickers and Dry Transfer Decals included
• Multiple effect parts for weapons included
• Snap fit assembly, no glue required
• Coloured plastic kit, painting is optional
• A Unique Action Base is included together with this kit