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Bandai 0206007 HIRM 1/100 Barbatos Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans

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The Gundam Barbatos is one of 72 "Gundam" frames that was produced and used in the Calamity War, roughly 300 years ago. Poor maintenance over the centuries since the Calamity War has degraded the Barbatos' armor and full combat potential. This is later rectified by Teiwaz technicians, who not only restore the Barbatos to its original look, but also return its performance close to the original.

Gundam units like the Barbatos are able to achieve a high energy output because they possess two Ahab Reactors. However because it is difficult to keep them in parallel operation, only a total of 72 Gundam frames were ever produced. The burden experienced by the pilot is high as a result of the high output and maneuverability; however it's mitigated by the implementation of Inertial Control due to the use of Ahab Particles generated from the reactor when a phase transition occurs inside its vacuum device. The cockpit structure is positioned in front of the reactor to take advantage of this. Among the same frame machines, Barbatos has been adjusted for an emphasis on versatility, it has the potential to adapt to every circumstance by performing exchanges of all sorts of equipment. It can also use weapons and armor from defeated enemies to improve its fighting capabilities.

- Featuring a fully operation endoskeleton with metallic coated parts