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Bandai 5055450 HG 1/144 Helmwige Reincar Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans

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Helmwige is a Valkyrja Frame mobile suit developed right before the end of the Calamity War. It reappears in the current age when the Grimgerde, another Valkyrja Frame mobile suit, was retrofitted into its likeness to serve as an escort-use unit and to battle the mobile armor Hashmal. As a reference to its reappearance more than 300 years after it was first developed, the word ‘Reincar’, which originates from the word ‘Reincarnation’, is added to the suit’s name. Data of the Helmwige in the Gjallarhorn’s database was used as a reference during the retrofit process, and the completed suit is owned by the Montag Company.

While the Grimgerde’s design emphasizes lightweight and high mobility, the Helmwige Reincar is the complete opposite, focusing instead on heavy armor and equipment. As a result, the reactor output that was used to secure mobility in the Grimgerde is reconfigured for frame output so as to support the Helmwige Reincar’s heavy armor and use of heavy equipment. The suit’s enhanced defensive capabilities are pivotal for escort missions. In combat with mobile armor, the Helmwige Reincar, whose weight is close to the mobility limit of the frame, can use its body to stop the former’s mobility. It will then engage the mobile armor in super close combat.