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Bandai 0167077 1/35 Core Fighter Gundam

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Hervic Company developed The Core Fighter for the mobile suits of Earth Federation's Operation V. It wasn't initially designed for combat but it became a multi-purpose fighter and was equipped with 25mm Vulcan Guns and missile launchers. Its basic design was derived from the FF-6 TIN Cod, which was developed directly before it.

The Core Fighter has come in various Gundam kits over the years, mostly with Master Grade RX-78-2 and even the newer 1/144 Real Grade RX-78-2, but now it comes into its own as a 1/35-scale plastic snap-fit kit from Bandai. Three unpainted figures are included (Amuro, Sayla, and a deck crew member), and just like its 1/100-scale counterpart it can transform into the Core Block! Bandai has even included water-slide decals for several different versions!