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Bandai 0153120 1/100 WM Walker Gallia Combat Mecha Xabungle

Product Code: G0153120

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Another great addition to Bandais Real Robot Revolution series of plastic model kits, heres the giant bazooka-toting walker machine from Xabungle--Walker Gallia! Bandai realizes the classic walker machine from 1982 as this impressive 1/100-scale, snap-fit plastic kit through todays advanced injection-kit technology. Parts are molded in color and have sharp mechanical details evident throughout, particularly underneath the covers on its head and back of each leg. Upon completion, well-articulated Walker Gallia will feature ball-jointed fingers and openable cockpit hatch on its head, and can separate into two machines, with its upper body forming Gallee-Hover and the lower body turning into Gallee-Will. Its arsenal of weaponry include its giant bazooka that can be mounted on its back, Boomerang Ideom, and a scope rifle with stand. Bandai also thoughtfully included the spotlight used in the last episode of the anime series. You also get to build two in-scale Leg Type walker machines to accompany Walker Gallia. Five unpainted sitting-pose pilot figures (molded in white)--Jiron Amos, Lag Uralo, Chill, Maria Maria, and Birin Nada--are included.

In addition, a 20-page Walker Gallai Memorial Handbook is also included, which covers the world of Xabungle, package illustrations of Bandais 80s plastic model kits for the show, a look at past Walker Gallia incarnations, as well as interviews with Tomonori Kogawa (Xabungle character designer), and two Bandai staffers who worked on past Xabungle plastic kits, Satoru Matsumoto and Satoshi Kato. All text is in Japanese.