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Bandai 0161408 1/100 Nebula Blitz Gundam

Product Code: G0161408

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This item is limited to 2 per household. - Enhanced Mobile Suit Gundam was developed based on the Blitz. Blitz x Amatsu Astray Mobile Suit Versus called unique. - And that is equipped to break back Maganoikutachi (projectile weapon that comes with it), reproduce Maganoshirahoko break. - Weapons can be equipped with a full parts. (Lancer with dirt on his right arm, right arm with a Tsumuhanotachi) - In conjunction with other products with detachable backpack Astray. - Striker removed (back pack) can be connected to the van as Saviour Gundam (sold separately). - Electronics and optional Providence appeared to remove the backpack and Connections Leh striker Yu Gen (back packs) can be connected. - Accessories System Shield Attack [Torikerosu], piercer Rock [Grape Neil], modified Maganoikutachi, Maganoshirahoko breaks, Lancer Dart (right waist), Tsumuhanotachi (left waist)