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Bandai 5058781 1/100 Legend Gundam

Product Code: G5058781
Barcode: 4573102587817

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Here's the very impressive Legend Gunda from Gundam SEED Destiny!

"Legend Gundam", which appeared in the second half of the story of "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY" and was active as Ray the Barrel's machine, is now available as a new style 1/100 scale model. Adoption, the movable range is expanded compared to the conventional 1/100 scale model - The backpack uses an ABS frame to strengthen the holding power of the movable parts, and the beam cannon firing form and folding mechanism are completely reproduced - Each dragoon is detachable and playable It is also possible to recreate the attack form in which the 6 dragoons that are used frequently are directed forward. Two types of beam sabers are included: a normal type and an ambidextrus halberd that connects two, and the beam sabers can be stored inside the sides of both legs. As long as it is equipped with an angle adjustment function, it comes with a new display stand compatible with 1/100 scale Legend Gundam, Destiny Gundam, Strike Freedom Gundam, and Justice Gundam.


  • The very impressive Legend Gundam, from "Gundam Seed Destiny," is molded in colored plastic and all the parts snap together for easy assembly.

  • Polycaps are included for joints.

  • A die-cut clear card featuring pilot Rey Za Burrel lists his specs; a stand to hold the card upright is included in the box.