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Bandai 5057925 1/100 Blaze Zaku Phantom Gundam

Product Code: G5057925
Barcode: 4573102579256

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Blaze Zaku Phantom, jam-packed with missiles, a beam tomahawk, a Zaku machinegun, two shields, plenty of poseable joints thanks to polycaps the whole kit will be a joy to put together, thanks to Bandai's great engineering, as usual. Everything's molded in colour so you don't need to paint it; and it all snaps together so you don't need to glue it. A die-cut clear plastic data card for Rey Za Burrel is included.


  • A distinctive backpack [Blaze Wizard] code is part of the unique 1 / 100 scale
  • The real mobile numbers, detailed reproduction of colors.
  • Guided missile hatches are equipped with Blaze Wizard of the retractable thrusters
  • Cover is movable back and forth.
  • Mono moving.
  • Pilot, comes with character Reizabareru plate.