Academy 13521 1/35 USSR M10 Lend Lease

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The M10 Wolverine (called Wolverine) is an American tank destroyer from the Second World War. A tank destroyer, a vehicle with high mobility and firepower, was urgently needed in the early 1940s. Efforts were made to speed up the work on the project as much as possible, but it was not accepted until September 1942. The result was a vehicle based on the M4A2 body, slightly flattened at the top, with an unusual semi-open turret. Such a solution, along with minimizing the armor, was supposed to reduce the weight, and thus increase the mobility of the new tank destroyer. The drive was served by 2 coupled 6-cylinder General Motors 6046 engine with a power of 375HP. The M10s were primarily intended for the European theater of operations as a remedy for German armored vehicles. They fought in the Normandy campaign in France and later in Germany in 1945.