Miniature Gaming

Metro Hobbies has an excellent range of tabletop miniature gaming supplies! From Warhammer Age of Sigmar to Star Wars Legion, you’re sure to find something your like! Due to our long history in hobbies, we also have a fantastic range of hobby tools and supplies to preparing and painting you models, ensuring that every piece you put on the table looks its best, and is something you can be proud of. Maybe your battlefield needs some work? Check out our scenery and terrain products to make sure that every aspect of your game is picture perfect, including your bases!

What are miniatures used for?

Tabletop miniature games, sometimes called war games, are a fantastic hobby that fills many niches, like kit building, collecting, painting, and tabletop gaming. While each of these are hobbies of their own, there are plenty of people who don’t engage with each aspect of the hobby. For the most popular miniature games, such as Warhammer, hobbyists can be fulfilled just from assembling, painting, and collecting, without ever actually playing the game!

Swing by our Melbourne or Box Hill stores and you’ll find our team of expert staff always excited to help! Or you can search our website and find everything you need right at your fingertips. Whether you’re just starting out or an avid collector, Metro Hobbies has the models you’re after!