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Noch 48001 TT Abandoned Place Fountain

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Barcode: 4007246480012

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Nature takes it back!

Finished model made of NOCH hard foam, hand-colored and refined!

Abandoned towns or villages fascinate us in particular. Because nowhere else than in a so-called ghost town do we realize that this place used to be hectic and busy, but nothing of that has remained today. Abandoned villages are eerily beautiful! And even our well could not withstand the involuntary renaturalization. Trees, bushes and many other plants proliferate, twine and grow where people once watched the water feature to relax.

Nature always fascinates us. Especially when it takes back places that we humans have claimed for ourselves. So-called "Lost Places" have long since become an attraction. In these places we are left gaping in amazement, realizing

only too well how short our existence on the planet is. We are fascinated by this showdown between man and nature, and deep down inside we know that nature always wins in the end and will outlive us humans too.

The NOCH hard foam model "Fountain" is lovingly hand-colored, decorated with fine details and then finished with a super-realistic, hand-made tree. The models designed in this way are highlights for every model landscape and attract everyone's attention.


  • Broad: 128mm
  • Height: 83mm
  • Length: 93mm
  • Weight: 0.3kg
  • gauge: TT
  • Scale: 1:120 (TT)
  • Product Notes: Hand colored
  • Type: Plant
  • Color: shades of green


  • Fountain made of NOCH hard foam with statue and 2 "Birch" wire trees (15 cm high)