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Kato 10-1174 N N700A Nozomi Basic 4 Car Set

Product Code: KA10-1174
Barcode: 4949727058528

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Now N700 Series Shinkansen became a vehicle representative of the Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen. The constant speed driving mechanism is adopted based on the N700 system, further high-tech vehicle that tried to grade up is N700A (N700-based 1000 series).

The basic performance and appearance but according to the N700 series, along with the pursuit of further stable running, in the mounting of a new mechanism to support the operation business of the train driver, meaning the forward and progress the "A" in the "Advance" in addition to the N700 it has been nicknamed the N700A.

KATO can be easily consolidated, employs a diaphragm coupler of adoption, etc. E5 system · E6 system, and product along with introductory starter set.