Master Box 35234 1/35 The Mohicans Indian Wars Series The XV111 Century Kit No 6

Product Code: MB35234
Barcode: 4820113082801

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Kit 35234 continues the series dedicated to the so-called Indian Wars that once raged in the forests of North America during the 18th century, now a thing of the past. Inspired by James Fenimore Cooper's novel 'The Last of the Mohicans,' modellers may recognize their favorite characters in our figures.

The kit includes a plastic sprues containing parts for assembling four figures: two Indians, one white hunter, and one white girl. The composition is highly dynamic, effectively conveying the tension and action of the fight.

These figures are crafted at a high artistic level, resembling miniature sculptures. They are animated and interact seamlessly with each other, forming a cohesive narrative. It's worth noting that this kit complements other kits in the series, such as 35209, 35210, and 35236, which we plan to release in 2024. This offers modellers a wide range of possibilities: they can create a small yet expressive scene using only this kit or construct a larger diorama incorporating other kits in the series, up to kit 35217.