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Hobbywing 30404001 QuicRun 2435SL G2 4500KV 2-Pole Brushless Motor

Product Code: HW30404001
Barcode: HW30404001

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Great Construction

The use of a heat-resistant magnet attached steel case and double insulated windings, high precision bearings, and rotor with a strong structure guarantees  outstanding performance and super durability.


The QUICRUN-2435 is an inexpensive motor but applicable to 1/16th & 1/18th scale vehicles.

Dustproof Design

The dustproof design implemented at the load end of the motor makes this QUICRUN 2435 motor applicable for monster trucks, buggies.

Plug and Play

Pre-soldered with high-quality gold connectors on motor leads, the QUICRUN 2435 motor is a plug and play.

Wide Application

The QUICRUN 2435 is applicable to various 1/16th & 1/18th scale vehicles, especially buggies & monster trucks.


  • Scale: 1/16th ,1/18th

  • Brushed/Brushless: BL

  • Sensored/Sensorless: SL

  • Pole Count: 2

Relevant Parameters 

  • KV Rating: 4500

  • LiPo Cells: 2-3S

  • No-load Current(A): 1.5

  • Max. Power Output(W):150

  • Current at the Point of Max. Power Output(A): 33

Size & Weight

  • O.D.(mm): 24.0

  • Length (mm): 36.5

  • Shaft Diameter (mm): 2.3

  • Weight (g): 73

Other Parameters 

  • Timing: 0

  • Applications: 1/16th ,1/18>th Touring Cars/Buggies/Trucks/Monster Trucks