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Tamiya 48205 RC Panther G with 4CH

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Pocket-Sized Panther 

The Panther Type G was one of the German army's frontline tanks during the later years of WWII, and Tamiya has now reproduced it as a 1/35 scale R/C model kit. Featuring the same high level of detail as regular 1/35 scale static models, this tank's hull has been modified to enable installation of working running gear and R/C mechanisms, providing fans with another dimension of enjoyment. Compact gearboxes and turret rotation/gun elevation unit come fully-assembled for easy installation and enable realistic driving action. 4-channel ACTCOM transmitter gives you full control of forward/reverse, left/right turning, turret rotation, and gun elevation. Changeable 27MHz FM frequency crystals means multiple tanks can be operated in the same area to create a mock battlefield.

Developed as a countermeasure to the Soviet T-34, the German Panther tank was produced from 1943 until the end of the war and served alongside the Panzer III, IV and Tiger tanks. The Panther tank featured sloped armor, powerful 700hp Maybach engine and a turret placed far back on the hull mounting a 75mm L/70 cannon. The main gun was even more devastating than its size of 75mm would suggest, due to the large propellant charge and long barrel with high muzzle velocity. Many consider the Panther every bit as effective as the Tiger I, but easier to produce and maintain. The Ausf.G included versions with heater unit installed over the left engine fan, and with curving lower "chin" piece removed from the mantlet to eliminate shot trap.

  • Barrel of the L/70 75mm gun can be elevated 7 degrees and depressed 8 degrees.
  • Turret can be complete a full 360 degree rotation in 25 seconds.
  • Compact gearbox controls both turret rotation and gun elevation.
  • Two compact gearboxes with 1:90 gear ratios drive the caterpillar tracks for realistic tank movement.
  • Wide tracks are made from durable resin material and are heat-treated to ensure secure assembly.
  • Tank is powered by 4 alkaline batteries, which can be accessed via a hatch on the underside of the hull.

  • 4 R03/AAA/UM4 alkaline batteries for tank
  • 1 006(9V)/6F22 alkaline battery for transmitter
  • Length: 257mm
  • Width: 94mm
  • Weight: 325g
  • 4 motors included.