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Tattoo Stories

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Tattoo Stories is a drawing party game in which your art skills don’t matter. In a series of quick-paced tattoo competitions, win the most points by making up tattoos and telling the best stories. Compete to get your tattoo and story selected.

The game includes lots of fun, creative prompts — i.e., tattoo elements — to help you design the best tattoo. Each player has a dry erase board and marker on which to draw their tattoos. The "customer" chooses five cards, containing tattoo elements that should be included in their tattoo, then the "tattoo artists" have three minutes to ask the customer questions and create their tattoo. After the three minutes are up, each player reveals their tattoo to the group and pitches their tattoo to the customer. The customer awards each individual element card to the person who used it best/most creatively. The player with the most cards after every player has drawn twice wins.

Tattoo Stories has players take turns playing a tattoo customer with design requests and all other players trying to draw and sell their creations to the customer.

Each player takes a dry erase marker and dry erase board to start. The tattoo card box is placed in the middle of the table and the first customer will draw 10 cards and decide which 5 cards they want to use to combine into their ultimate tattoo.

All of the tattoo artists players will now have 3 minutes to draw a tattoo using the 5 elements chosen by the customer. The artists now have the chance to ask the customer questions that will help bring a vision and design to their tattoo. for example, if the word was “Inspirational Quote” you may want to ask them what their favorite quote is, or if it was “Dinner”, what does the idea plate of food look like to them?

Once the drawing time has ended, each artist pitches their drawings one by one to the customer and “sells” it to them explaining why it is the ideal creation for them. Each of the 5 tattoo cards is awarded to a player one at a time to the one who the customer thought used that word the best or most creatively. So one customer may end up with none, one or even all of them in a round. When we played they seem to be distributed around the table.

The customer role rotates around the table clockwise and the game continues until every player has been the customer twice. The player with the most tattoo cards at the end wins the game!


  • A drawing game that even people with no art skills can win!

  • 4 to 6 players

  • Ages 12+

  • Game Time: 15-30 minutes