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GodHand BBS-05-90 Bit Blade V-Shaped Edge Chisel Bit Set 4pc

Product Code: GH-BBS-05-90
Barcode: 4562349874965

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The "Triangular Sword" has been introduced in the Bit Blade series with a focus on the ease of pushing. This is a precision chisel made specifically for plastic use when attached to a pin vice. Set of 4 blade angles: 5°, 20°, 45°, and 90°.

Depending on the angle of the blade, the width of the carving can be used according to your needs. Pushing it at a certain shallow angle to smoothly carve grooves at the same depth. You can also dig into curves by folding the blade sideways. The shaft is uniform to 0.1 inch (3 mm), so there is no need to replace the collet chuck on the pin vise itself, making it easy to replace.