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Gamers Grass GGB-DR100 Battle Ready Deserts of Maahl Round Bases 100mm 1pc

Product Code: GGB-DR100
Barcode: 0738956790729
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The curse of Maahl

As an eternal hourglass, the deserts cover all ancient memories of Maahl - the primordial chaos that originates all things.

At the beginning Maahl divided itself: An inhospitable desert lies under its curse, sundering the lands.

Many have tried to delve into the deserts, hoping to cross them, never to return. Has anyone reached Desert’s End? Has anyone achieved his dream?

Scalding deserts, with sand ridges and crackled clays. The rare cactus and desert-rose crystals hide ominous dangerous creatures - snakes, scorpions, lizards… all of them ready to feast on your remains.