Hobby Boss 83213 1/32 Douglas A-26B Invader

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Versatile Multi-purpose Attack Bomber

The Douglas A-26 Invader is a US-made multi-purpose twin-engine light bomber / attack aircraft. It first saw service during the latter half of World War II and continued on during the Cold War. In 1969, highly modified aircraft (re-named the A-26) were still in service over the skies of Vietnam.

The A-26 is fast, and can carry more than twice the payload than any similar sized aircraft. The A-26 can also be fitted with a variety of guns, upgrading it to a powerful ground attack aircraft. It first flew with the US 9th Air Force over Europe in November 1944. It continued on in the European and the Pacific theatres through to the end of the conflict. After the war, Invaders were assigned as lend-lease support for NATO allies in Europe. Six squadrons participated in the Korean War. The French utilised the type in the first Indochina War, and 'privatised' Invaders flew in support of the Cuban Bay of Pigs invasion. The aircraft was retired in 1972, though many still take to the air today in private hands.