Bandai G5061915 RG 1/144 Hi-Nu Gundam
Product Code: G5061915
Bandai 5057842 RG 1/144 Nu Gundam
Product Code: G5057842
Bandai 5058009 Action Base 1 Black
Product Code: G5058009


A Legacy of Animated Excellence

From its inaugural series in 1979, Gundam has ascended from a mere mecha anime to a cultural phenomenon. With a narrative woven around space colonies, political turmoil, and existential questions, it dissects the human condition set against interstellar warfare. Gundam's complex storytelling has given birth to a legacy of diverse series, films, and spin-offs, transcending borders and languages to capture global imagination. Here, robotics and humanity merge in an intricate ballet, offering a speculative vision of the future that engages both young and old.

The Universe in Your Hands

Gunpla is more than an acronym for "Gundam Plastic Models"; it's a universe that fits in your hands. These kits encapsulate the grandeur and detail of the colossal mecha from the anime, shrunk down to a size that fits on your desk. They provide a gateway for both veteran and fledgling fans to manifest their fandom in a tactile form. Building Gunpla requires no special skills, only a steady hand and the desire to create. Every piece snapped together enriches the lore that you hold in your palm, making you not just a fan, but a participant in the Gundam universe.

Bandai: Crafting Worlds One Model at a Time

The history of Gunpla is incomplete without the stewardship of Bandai. Since launching the first-ever Gunpla in 1980, Bandai has been the cornerstone of this modeling hobby. Their commitment to quality has seen the brand innovate with new materials, smarter assembly techniques, and greater detail with each generation. They have continuously grown their line-up to include a broad spectrum of complexity and design. From articulation to decals, every element of a Gunpla kit is a testament to Bandai's dedication to the craft.