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Bandai 5066308 MG 1/100 Narrative Gundam C-Packs Ver.Ka

Product Code: G5066308
Barcode: 4573102663085

Estimated Arrival: Jun 2024

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The Psycho Frame test machine Narrative Gundam C-Packs from "Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative" is the subject of this Master Grade Ver. Ka model kit from Bandai!


  • It's equipped with a number of gimmicks created by Hajime Katoki.

  • The thickness of the clear parts of the Psycho Frame are adjusted, with details engraved on the front, back and sides for a deep, three-dimensional shape.

  • Depending on the angle it's viewed from, it reflects light like a crystal!

  • A gray Psycho Frame that does not activate NT-D is included, and can be used selectively.

  • The hip joints are movable for each block, and the fins on the back of the knees sink as the knees move, so the legs can be bent deeply without interference.

  • It can be transformed from core block from to a bird-like core fighter by rotating the nose, and it comes with a C-equipped beam rifle that's an improved version of the Jegan rifle; you can reproduce both types with parts replacement.

  • Two figures of Jona Bashta are included: sitting and standing.


  • Shield

  • Beam rifle

  • Beam rifle reproduction parts for Jegan (x1 set)

  • Beam saber (x2)

  • Body reproduction parts (x1 set)

  • Landing gear parts for Core Fighter (x1 set)

  • Hand parts (x1 set)

  • Figures (x2)

  • Psycho Frame parts for when NT-D is not activated (x1 set)

  • 3D metallic stickers

  • Waterslide decals