Bandai 5061535 HG Kerberos Bucue Hound Exclusive

Product Code: G5061535

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Bandai HG Kerberos BuCUE Hound

This polystyrene model kit is molded in color and snaps together. That means it does not require glue or paint! It comes with stickers and decals to provide color accuracy.


  • The heads are mounted on segmented neck pieces threaded with a black wire, giving it plenty of flexibility.

  • The legs are double-ball-jointed to the body with reasonable room to splay out, double jointed elbow/knees, swivel ankle and ball jointed feet, which will allow BuCUE to assume the tank like "rolling" mode.

  • Double ball-jointed mid torso that can collapse to lock the front and back torso together, or extend for slight arching poses.

  • Wings are on swivel for limited up/down movement and the weapon port allows 360 rotation of the weapon pack.

  • Beside the mouth, the main head cover can also swivel down to cover the mono-eye.


  • Size: 7.87 x 12.28 x 3.03 in (200 x 312 x 77mm)

  • Weight: 10.05oz (0.628lb 285g)