Bandai MB61866L Metal Build Justice Gundam Seed

Product Code: MB61866L
Barcode: 4573102618665

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Justice Gundam comes to the METAL BUILD series!

Justice Gundam, appearing in the latter parts of "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED,"is sculpted with a body silhouette derived from its greatest feature, its connection to the Fatum-00. The Fatum-00 has a cloak-like silhouette when it is mounted on the back. In Lifter Mode its size is increased by the deployment gimmick, recalling its heroic appearance in the series.

JUSTICE GUNDAM is sculpted and designed with features unique to the METAL BUILD brand!


  • Main figure
  • Phantom 00
  • Alternative hand part (left/right) x4 each
  • Beam rifle
  • Beam saber (handle x2, connection handle x1)
  • Beam saber effect x2
  • Beam boomerang effect x2
  • Shield
  • Special joint & supporting pole set
  • Base
  • Alternate antenna