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Trumpeter 05553 1/35 KV-220 Russian Tiger Super Heavy Tank**

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December 5, 1940, The Soviet-German war broke out has been more than three months, the Soviet Union needed more horsepower and better protection of tanks, the Soviet supreme Revolutionary Council issued a new tank developed command. The Kirov plant accepted the project and named it 220 project or T220 tank project. Unlike the KV-1, he added a load wheel and a longer track length. A rectangular cast turret is particularly eye-catching. This has the advantage of increasing the protection to 100 mm without reducing the internal space. In addition, the F-30 85mm tank gun is also specially matched for it, its power is far beyond the ZIS-5 type 76.2mm gun used in the previous KV . Thanks to the above improvements, the weight of the KV-220 has instantly increased to more than 62 tons, which is reminiscent of the Tiger tank that appeared one year later . With the added weight, the old and unreliable KV-1 engine will be discarded and replaced by the powerful V-5 700 hp engine. During the test, the Kirov plant began using the F-32 76.2mm tank gun on the KV-1 , and the engine was changed to the more conservative B-2TK 650-horsepower engine , and it was carried out for 1980 kilometers. test.