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Tamiya 25187 1/35 Japanese Type 1 Self Propelled Gun and Kurogane 4x4 Set

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The Type 1 SPG was a combination of the Type 97 medium tank chassis with the powerful 75mm field gun, and it packed a significant punch, capable of defeating 85mm of armor from a kilometer away. The open top fighting compartment was furbished with 50mm thickness armor skirting. 140 examples were produced between 1943 and the end of WWII; these vehicles were deployed with armor units such as the 2nd Armored Division, which was active on Luzon in the Philippines in resistance to U.S. landings. Using ambush tactics and regularly changing positions, they managed to slow U.S. forces and even destroy some Sherman tanks.

The Kurogane 4x4 was developed in answer to a specification from the Japanese Army, and underwent numerous modifications after it entered service. That produced from 1937 was a 3-seater with 33hp 1.4-liter V2 engine, double wishbone front suspension, and a leaf-sprung rigid rear setup. Highly mobile on- and off-road, around 4,800 were produced between 1935 and 1944, contributing in reconnaissance and communications roles to the Japanese war effort from China to the Pacific islands.


  • This is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit.
  • Length: 170mm (Type 1); 102mm (Kurogane 4x4).
  • The Type 1 SPG form is accurately captured - open top fighting compartment, 75mm gun, riveted hull, suspension and more.
  • Belt-type tracks can be cemented and painted.
  • Type 1 features two crew figures and four marking options.
  • Detailed depiction of Kurogane 4x4 with folded back hood is included, with one standing figure and four marking options.
  • Kurogane 4x4 parts are a product of FineMolds.