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Scalextric C8434 RCS Air Wireless Accessories Pack DISCONTINUED

Product Code: SCA-C8434

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Scalextric RCS™ is the first slot car Race Control System that allows users to wirelessly create and manage races through the use of a handheld smart device. Connect your SMART device using the latest Bluetooth technology to one of the three new RCS™ Power Bases, for additional features and control of your races.

Set up each race by choosing the race type, driver names, number of laps and toggle additional features on or off such as Yellow Flag mode, Fuel, Tyre Wear, in-race damage and many more! Customise individual throttle mapping and car handling characteristics before you head out on the track to test your skills and challenge your opponent.

2 x RCS Air™ Wireless Hand Throttles
1 x RCS Air™ Powerbase

My Garage:
My Collection - List your slot car collection and add favourites for quick and easy race selection.
Track & Accessories - Log all of your Scalextric track pieces and accessories to see available layout options.
Custom Tracks - Save track designs by giving them a name and taking a photo.

Additional Points:
Post your race stats on Facebook or Twitter and compare results.
Change the speed units between km/h and mph and real or scale speed.
RCS™ Power Bases can be used without being connected to the Scalextric RCS™ App.