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Revell 03250 1/35 German Truck Typ 2 5-32**

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Opel Blitz (German for "lightning") was the name given to various light and middle-weight truck series built by the German Opel automobile manufacturer between 1930 and 1975. The original logo for this truck, two stripes arranged loosely like a lightning symbol in the form of a horizontally stretched letter "Z", still appears in the current Opel logo.

The Opel Blitz line of trucks was the best selling and probably most prolific Germany truck from 1934 until the end of WWII. Post-war, the Blitz was built until 1975. During this time, the truck was developed into several versions including light and medium versions as well as the tracked maultier variant. This particular kit is the 1.5 ton variant of light trucks. The Typ 2,5 was built from 1938 until 1942. It was most used for transporting troops though it could be used for other purposes. During its production run, over 10,000 Typ 2,5 trucks were produced.