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Panda 35026 1/35 BUMMERANG APC VPK-7829*

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The new Bumerang (VPK-7829) is an amphibious wheeled armoured personnel carrier being developed for the Russian Army set to replace the BTR-82/A, a heavily modernized variant of the 1980s-designed BTR-80, which features improved armour, a new engine, night vision and advanced communications systems.

Designers and military spokesmen have been tight-lipped regarding the machine, although it is claimed that the new design will be "nothing like any of the modern APCs." The 8x8, front-engine design features ceramic armour technology, including anti-tank grenade and anti-mine protection, has a crew of three, and can be fitted with a 30 mm anti-materiel or armour-piercing cannon, a 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm machine gun.