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Bronco CB35114 1/35 German 88mm L71 Flak 41 Anti-Aircraft Gun with SdAh202 Tralier

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The famous "88" anti-aircraft guns in 1915 first by German development as air defense weapon used against the enemy's high-altitude aircraft and observation balloons. The gun is mainly designed by the German navy 8.8 caliber naval gun, the first - a prototype completed in 1917. However, in the first paragraph 8.8 cm type L / 5618 anti-aircraft gun production prototype to with Sweden until 1928 and is a confirmed fox company (Bofors) work together to complete. Later in the 1930 s used to improve the design and production of Flak36 and Flak37 anti-aircraft guns. Make Germany can launch its war in 1939. But in the war German anti-aircraft requires more long-range artillery and Rhine metal company (Rheinmetall) on the development range longer 8.8 cm L71 Flak41 anti-aircraft gun's mission. The cannon can launch 9.4 kg to 11.300 meters in height and its performance more than the 12.8 mm anti-aircraft guns. If the artillery gun by skilled operation can also be increased to 25 per minute of the degree. Because type Flak41 anti-aircraft guns are harder to repair. So most only used in Germany. It is estimated that the total is just 556, during world war ii reflecting 7 the complexity of its high cost and production.