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Bandai 0072573 MG 1/100 MS-05B ZAKU I

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Barcode: 490242572573

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The original version of the Zaku as seen early in the original Gundam TV series, is now available as a top-quality Master Grade kit. Gundam kit fans don't need to be told about the details of these kits any more -- Bandai's engineering excellence and attention to detail are well-known. But for those who are not, let it suffice to say that everything on the finished kit moves, it's molded in color and snaps together, and there's an amazing amount of detail, especially under the outer armor panels. Three types of hands are included, as are four different weapons (two guns, a bazooka and the "heat hawk" axe), plus a shoulder-mounted spike shield. Like all Master Grade kits, it's highly recommended. Available in the "Black Trinity" version as well.