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Bandai 0126801 MG 1/100 Hi-Zack

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The RMS-106 Hizack (aka Hi-Zack) is a mass-production general-purpose mobile suit. Based on the mobile suit line of the MS-06 Zaku II, the Hizack was a mass production suit used by the Titans and EFSF in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam.

The mass-produced Mobile Suit of the Titans forces developed at Granada, as well as the Earth Federation Forces, the Hizack was a vast improvement over the MS-06 Zaku II, used by the Principality of Zeon. The data from the MS-06F2 Zaku II F2 Type was referenced during development. Although the Titan Forces were assigned to wipe out the remaining bits of the Zeon forces, the Titan Hizack uses the same dark green color scheme (The Earth Forces had used a dark blue color for theirs). The Hizack is most often equipped with an 120mm machine gun kai, Beam Saber or Heat Hawk. Hizacks are also sometimes equipped with a Beam Rifle, but its fairly low tolerance for beam weapons due to low energy output means it can only carry one at a time. Hizacks may also be equipped with missile pods instead of the hand thrown grenades of previous Zakus.

The Hizack also has been outfitted with titanium armor, backed by a ceramic composite, and it has a higher output generator than that of a Zaku. Hizacks are faster and more agile than its predecessors, and is easily controlled by its pilot.