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Bandai 0195690 MG 1/100 Exia Dark Matter Gundam Build Fighters

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The PPGN-001 Gundam Exia Dark Matter is a Gunpla from the Gundam Build Fighters anime. A modified version of the PPGN-001 Gundam Amazing Exia, it is controlled by Meijin Kawaguchi.

The modified version of the completed Gundam Amazing Exia, the Gundam Exia Dark Matter was created for the sole purpose of defeating Reiji and Sei Iori. The Exia Dark Matter's appearance is slightly altered from its predecessor, and is now equipped with the Brinicle and Prominence Blade for close combat, a Dark Matter Rifle for ranged combat, and two arm-mounted GN Vulcans which can also emit beam sabers. The suit also possesses Trans-Am system and a back-mounted support unit - the Dark Matter Booster, which is equipped with two detachable Dark Matter Blades and is capable of functioning as a separate unit.