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Bandai 0159925 Space Panorama White Comet Force Space Battleship Yamato

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Barcode: 4543112599254

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These small-scale models from Bandai's Mechanic Collection will be instantly recognizable to most fans of "Space Cruiser Yamato." This is the first reissue of the Space Panorama set since its initial issue in 1979!


  • Included in this set are Dessler's battleship and four ships from the White Comet Empire: the dreadnought, destroyer, missile ship and single-deck carrier.
  • Each kit is molded in a single color, so paint will be needed for the ships to look their best after assembly (with glue, natch, just like back then).
  • When completed, the models can be attached to the included diorama background for display!
  • This is a definite thrill for "Space Cruiser Yamato" aficionados, and a dose of retro fun for anyone!