Axial AXI03020 1/10 SMT10 Raw Builders RC Monster Truck Kit

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Build the SMT10 Scale Monster Truck your way

Monster Jam is the most famous and biggest monster truck tour in the world, with top-class drivers steering these trucks through racing and freestyle events in sold-out venues. Axial Racing is the leader in the RC crawler market, designing vehicles that provide the ability for adventure and freedom. This time they've created a monster truck platform for bashers to make their own the SMT10 Scale Monster Truck Raw Builders Kit - where you get to scale, 4 wheel drive, straight axle monster truck madness that is perfect for any RC lover or full-size monster truck enthusiast alike. The SMT10 is perfect for anyone wanting to personalise their monster truck with their own choice of equipment.

Monster truck mayhem

All the equipment under the body shell is just as exciting as the exterior. The Axial design team went all-out building the scale chassis and roll cage for the SMT10 truck, just as you would find on the full-size version. The tube framing on the chassis was designed for maximum durability and strength whilst also maintaining an authentic look. A multitude of shock mounting positions have been built in, giving the end-user the ability to tune the suspension for performance and also giving the ability to have the shock more vertical for an even more scale appearance. This chassis is riding on the proven AR60 axle and the 4 link suspension will tackle any obstacles in its path with ease.

The included AX10 transmission is designed to make the most out of the power from the motor, utilizing a dual slipper pad system that not only increases surface area but also tuneability and holding ability. The included 32 pitch gearing deals with high torque power systems with ease.

For the enthusiast out there that would like to build a custom and personal monster truck the Axial SMT10 RAW Builder's Kit is for you. Select your own electronics, scale body, wheels and tyres then bash the truck of your dreams!


  • AX10™ transmission has more precise tuning and holding power
  • Heavy-duty dual pad slipper system with 32-pitch gearing for high-torque applications
  • 56T Spur / 14T Pinion RTR gearing for 2S
  • Metal motor plate and all-metal internal transmission gears
  • Sealed gear cover
  • Solid axle 4-link suspension is mated to a proven AR60 axle
  • AR60 OCP-Axle™ is of high composite construction
  • Off-centre pumpkin design
  • Axle tubes reinforced with boxed-in axle truss
  • Steering knuckles updated for dual shear — also eliminates secondary bolt on plate
  • Differential cover and servo mount updated with new look
  • Tube frame chassis is desgined after the full-scale Monster Jam Trucks for maximum strength and extreme scale looks
  • Multiple shock mounting positions for additional suspension tuning options
  • Easy access, adjustable battery tray
  • WB8 HD driveshafts
  • Strengthened design with large diameter 2x11mm crosspin
  • New centre splined slider floats between each end and reduces flex and fatigue
  • Rear sway bar reduces torque twist and body lean to a minimum during acceleration
  • SMT10™ chassis design lets you add an optional sway bar to the front


  • Radio system
  • Motor
  • Electronic Speed Control
  • Wheels and Tyres
  • Battery
  • Battery Charger

Axial SMT10 Scale Monster Truck RAW Builder's Kit

Full-scale monster truck tours such as Monster Jam® fill arenas with capacity crowds eager to see world-class drivers compete in racing and freestyle events. The designers at Axial® Racing have used their crawler expertise to create the perfect platform for bashers who want to build their perfect RC scale monster beast. The 1/10 scale Monster Truck RAW Builder’s Kit is centred on the SMT10™ tube frame 4WD chassis, which was developed for maximum bashing strength and an extremely detailed appearance. It’s very similar to those used in full-size monster trucks. That’s why the chassis excels at hard-core action over grass, gravel, pavement and asphalt tracks. Start with the Monster Truck RAW Builder’s Kit, add your favourite performance electronics and scale body, wheels, and tyres — and put together the powerful monster basher of your dreams!

What’s in the Box?

  • (1) Axial® SMT10™ Monster Truck RAW Builder’s Kit
  • Build your perfect SMT10™ monster-bashing beast

The headlining attractions at Monster Jam® motorsport events are undeniably the large, loud monster trucks. They keep audiences roaring and riveted, whether they’re battling for the lead in traditional racing or flexing their freestyle muscles through two minutes of gravity-defying tricks and stunts. For its part, Axial® has earned legions of RC racing fans by producing crawler vehicles that keep on pounding over the toughest obstacle-strewn tracks. Axial® knows how to make models that provide the almost unlimited potential to adventure and explore.

Now Axial® has turned its attention to creating a monster truck platform for bashers to make their very own, and the result is the SMT10™ Monster Truck RAW Builder’s Kit — a true-to-scale, 4-wheel drive, straight-axle RC truck that offers an ideal foundation of performance and realism.

Axial® designers went all out when creating the SMT10™ monster truck chassis and roll cage. Very similar full-size Monster Jam® truck chassis, the SMT10™ tube frame was developed for maximum strength and has an extremely realistic appearance. It provides a variety of shock mounting points for suspension tuning options, with additional mounting points on the cage and at the axle for moving the shocks to a more scale, vertical position if desired. Mated to the proven Axial® AR60™ axle, the SMT10™ chassis’ 4-link suspension soaks up any obstacles in its path.

The AX10™ transmission included with the SMT10™ Monster Truck RAW Builder’s Kit is designed to make the most of your motor’s power. Its Dual Pad slipper system features a pad on each side of the spur gear to increase surface area, resulting in improved tuning precision and holding ability. Strong 32-pitch gearing enhances performance in high-torque applications.

Experience the thrill of arena monster truck action wherever you bash with the Axial® SMT10™ Monster Truck RAW Builder’s Kit. Add your choice of body, wheels, tyres and electronics and unleash your inner beast!


Very similar to modern full-size monster trucks, the SMT10™ chassis delivers maximum strength and scale realism — achieved through triangulation of the chassis tubes, making it ready for maximum attack and hard-core bashing. The variety of shock mounting points allows additional suspension tuning options as well.


Mated to the proven AR60™ OCP-Axle, the monster truck’s 4-link suspension soaks up any obstacles in its path.


Combined with a true 4-link suspension, the strong composite AR60™ OCP-Axle delivers optimal performance for any terrain with the look of a real 1:1 vehicle.


The AX10™ transmission improves tuning precision and holding power with a new Dual Pad slipper system — a pad on each side of the spur gear increases surface area. Its stronger 32-pitch gearing is ideal for high torque applications.


The WB8 HD driveshafts feature an updated design with a larger diameter crosspin (2x11mm) for extra strength. Material added on the centre splined slider reduces flex and fatigue.


The rear sway bar helps to keep torque twist and body lean to a minimum during acceleration. The SMT10™ chassis design allows you to add an optional sway bar to the front if desired.


The waterproof receiver box uses three different silicone seals: one for the antenna, one for the servo wires (includes three slots for three channels), and one that acts as a gasket for the receiver box cover. Run without a worry in mud, water or snow!


The battery tray is easy to access from the rear of the vehicle. To install your battery, remove one pin, swing out the tray door and slide in the battery pack. Four screws adjust the height of the tray, allowing room for most standard 2S batteries.


Axial® engineers designed a heavy-duty tie rod, drag link, and simulated scale hydraulic ram steering link to keep your tyres pointed in the right direction so you stay on course.

  • Type : Electric 4WD Solid Axle Monster Truck
  • Completion Level : Kit
  • Scale : 1/10
  • Wheelbase : 13.9 in (353mm)
  • Front Track : 9.6 in (244mm)
  • Rear Track : 9.6 in (244mm)
  • Chassis : Composite Molded Tube Frame
  • Suspension : Solid Axle F/R
  • Shock Type : Aluminum Oil Filled Coil Over
  • Drivetrain : 4WD
  • Differential : Bevel Gear
  • Spur Gear : 56T
  • Gear Pitch : 32-pitch
  • Internal Gear Ratio : 2.6:1 Transmission
  • Final Drive Ratio : 7.6:1 Transmission and Axle
  • Ball Bearings : Complete Car
  • Experience Level : Intermediate
  • Recommended Environment : All-Terrain
  • Is Assembly Required : Yes
  • Approx. Assembly Time : 5-7 Hours