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Airfix A12050 1/72 BAe Nimrod: Limited Edition*

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The Nimrod came into existence in the 60's as a replacement to the aging Shackleton. The Nimrod was a redesigned version of the De Havilland Comet airliner and it entered service in 1969. The Nimrod was the only jet anti-submarine and maritime patrol aircraft (until the P-8A Poseidon enters service and if we discount the S-3 Viking).

The Nimrod has seen numerous upgrades in its life from the MR.1 to the MR.2 standards in the 70's and 80's and then the big redesign in the mid 90'ws bringing out the mostly new MRA4 (Maritime, Reconnaissance and Attack Mk 4). Only portions of the MR.2 fuselages were reused and even then they were refurbished to last another twenty five years of service. The rest of the aircraft was brand new with new cabin pressure floor, new larger wings with four hardpoints and new undercarriage, bomb bay, engines, etc. The cockpit now was a 2 pilot all glass design and the technology was adapted from the Airbus A-340. The mission electronics are totally up to date making the aircraft capable for ELINT missions as well. Of course all that comes at a cost and schedule delays and the aircraft has yet to see service.