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Magformers 703013 World Adventure Set 75pc*

Product Code: MAG-703013

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This 75 piece set allows children to learn about, and build, animals and vehicles that are most suitable to different environments (including jungle, mountain, desert and sea environments).

The included MAGFORMERS® shapes and accessories are specifically designed for that purpose. For example, the ‘tank’ / ‘caterpillar’ wheels are suitable for building desert vehicles, whilst the larger wheels are suitable for jungle vehicles. Similarly, the single ‘motorbike’ wheel can be used to build mountain vehicles, whilst the propeller can be used to build a submarine, boat or other sea vehicle.

All while learning about how geometric shapes come together to form an object.

The set contains 13 different shapes and 14 accessories, including a remote controlled power engine block (75 pieces in total). This means that children will not be limited to creating the models shown in the idea booklet – in fact, they will be able to build anything that their imagination allows, using the unique combination of shapes and accessories in this set. Furthermore, the added element of a remoted controlled power engine block means that they can have their creations moving forward as they control them remotely or manually (it’s their choice!).

It also contains a booklet with ideas relating to the vehicles and animals that can be constructed. As with all MAGFORMERS® booklets, the idea is for the child to work out how to build the model by looking at the guided ‘stages’, rather than following ‘step by step’ instructions. This trains the child to think about the shapes and number of pieces involved in making the model. Importantly, it also requires the child to develop rotational skills, by trying to work out which shapes would be on the unseen side.

This is a fun, unique construction set that is fully compatible with other MAGFORMERS® sets. The adventure theme is integrated throughout this entire set with fantastic colours and illustrations, and the many builds will keep kids busy and entertained, whilst fostering brain development, motor skills, and general exploration! The pieces are highly durable, and children can also use the pieces to build whatever their imagination permits (including planes, buildings or other structures, houses, balls, cubes, geometric shapes…the possibilities are limited only by imagination)!

By playing with this set, as with every other compatible MAGFORMERS® set, children will be developing Spatial Awareness, Rotation, 2D to 3D Modelling, Mathematical and Scientific thinking, Reasoning, Sensory Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Creativity, Curiosity, Imagination, Problem Solving and Engineering Principles…all while having fun!!