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Mr. Hobby

Expertise in Model Crafting Excellence

Step into the realm of model crafting with our exclusive Mr. Hobby Collection at Metro Hobbies, Melbourne's leading source for high-quality model building supplies. Our collection boasts an extensive range of Mr. Hobby's acclaimed paints, tools, and accessories, all designed to fulfill the needs of precision and durability in model making. Catering to professionals, hobbyists, and Gundam model kit enthusiasts alike, our Mr. Hobby selection supports all levels of model building expertise. Discover our variety of top-grade paints known for their vibrant colors, superior coverage, and long-lasting finish. Enhance your model making with our specialized tools and accessories for detailed and intricate work. Located in Melbourne, Australia, Metro Hobbies is your ultimate destination for all Mr. Hobby products, where expert advice and exceptional customer service come standard.

Our collection of Mr. Hobby model making supplies includes:

  • High-Quality Model Paints, such as mr color & mr thinner

  • Precision Tools and Airbrushes

  • Modeling Accessories & Supplies