Coming Soon ETA: Sep 2024

Kotobukiya KTZD139 1/72 Zoids RZ-010 Pteras Bomber Marking Plus Version

Product Code: KTZD139
Barcode: 4934054023141

Estimated Arrival: Sep 2024

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The aerial combat bomber Zoid that protects the skies of the Helic Republic.

The main combat aerial bomber Zoid of the Helic Republic’s military, Pteras Bomber joins the Zoids lineup with a wide variety of new decals included!

The wings are the signature feature of aerial Zoids and can be moved flexibly. Its normal state, Pteras, can also be recreated by exchanging various parts included in the kit.

In addition to the original clear orange head cockpit, the kit also includes an additional colorless clear part that can be customized freely with model paint.


  • The cockpit canopy on the head can be opened and closed, allowing for a pilot figure to be placed inside.

  • The flight-mode feature of the cockpit on the head is recreated.

  • The Zoid Core in the back of the model is removable.

  • Switch modes between “Pteras Bomber” and “Pteras” by exchanging the knee armor, the joint caps on the main wings, and the bomber unit.

  • The 3mm connection joints on the hips are compatible with various flying bases (sold separately), so this model can be displayed as it is flying.

  • The clear parts of the head cockpit come in both clear orange and colorless. The colorless clear parts can also be painted with the color of your choice.

  • A large selection of newly created decals for emblems and caution marks are included, so users can fine-tune the look of their Zoid.