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LEGO 43101 VIDIYO Bandmates

Product Code: LEG-43101

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With LEGO VIDIYO Bandmates (43101) and associated app, you can inspire children to direct, produce and play in exciting music videos they make themselves. They can collect and create bands from different music genres with 12 characters, including rappers, guitarists, drummers, singers, dancers and several others. The play starts immediately when children speed up their figure in the video using the app.

Unlock exciting effects with BeatBits

Each Bandmate has a unique personality and comes with three BeatBits. When children direct the music video, they can scan a BeatBits in the app to unlock effects, sounds and more. The song selection is updated regularly, so that children can look forward to a new music experience every time they play.

Share music videos online safely The

LEGO VIDIYO app has many features that protect children online. With avatars and app-generated usernames, the children are anonymized, all uploaded videos and comments are moderated, and via the parent panel, parents can decide what their children can share and have access to.


  • With the LEGO VIDIYO Bandmates (43101) sets and the VIDIYO app, you can give children the opportunity to participate in social play with music as a theme. They can direct, produce and play in self-developed music videos.
  • Download the free app LEGO VIDIYO to scan the minifigure and the BeatBits special effects. Children will find it great fun to see how their character is brought to life in the music video they direct, produce and play in.
  • Each Bandmate has three BeatBits that can be scanned in the app, and which unlocks special video effects, including sound effects and costume changes. Children can expand their collection with as many as 92 BeatBits.
  • LEGO VIDIYO Bandmates' minifigure games introduce children to a whole world of self-adapted and creative play in the app. It makes them perfect as holiday gifts for children aged seven and up, who are interested in music and enjoy performing.
  • The LEGO VIDIYO app has many security features that protect children online, including a parent panel, anonymized usernames and moderated comment fields.
  • Each surprise box contains one Bandmate minifigure, two random BeatBits, a special BeatBit, one accessory, a block-built stage with room for three BeatBits, instructions and a collector's booklet from Serie 1.
  • The LEGO VIDIYO app can be used on select iOS and Android devices. Check compatibility at Children must ask their parents for permission before logging on to the Internet.
  • The LEGO VIDIYO sets offer a new social play experience, where girls and boys can play the role of director, producer and star, and create and share their own music videos.
  • LEGO components meet strict industry standards. They are uniform, compatible and always easy to assemble - this has been the case since 1958.
  • LEGO components are dropped into the ground, heated, crushed, twisted and analyzed to check that they meet strict, global safety standards.